adidas X The Farm.

After the successful collaboration with Topshop and recently with Pharell Williams, adidas opens up another exclusive teaming up with a Brazil-based label, The Farm. As 2 creative heads combined their ideas, the signature vibrant and unique prints developed by The Farm were mixed and matched with adidas classic and sporty styles. The following collection will be up for grabs in your favorite sportswear boutiques on May 1, 2014.

As 2 creative worlds meet each other, it came up with an idea of combining adidas iconic styles to be tailored and reworked with The Farm’s signature bold prints. This collaboration redefines what street style means through explosive color combos. This results to a collection of feminine pieces that contemplate the Originals lifestyle with four different prints developed artistically by The Farm Company.

Channeling a playful and fresh looking flora and fauna vibes, The Farm showcased a range of 4 kaleidoscopic repeat graphics in eye watering colors. As the makeover goes on, the Gazelle sneaker was soaked up with the vibrancy of the equatorial jungle and re-emerging rich in flavor and hotter than ever. From the celebrated Firebird tracksuit to the humble tank, iconic Originals styles spice it up for summer in the tropics, complemented by cascades of flowers and fruit adding a sexy, carefree vibe to a solid collection of classics. Even spilling across adidas Originals accessories line, The Farm Company spreads its bloom further over bags, purses and more. 

The said collection will be available in your favorite adidas boutiques nearest you. Save the date, it will be up for grabs on May 1, 2014. Hope all the ladies will enjoy this shopping hunting. Have a fresh and fun-filled outfit this summer.

There’s something about life, you know!

Life is too short to do not try out things. As long as you are young and capable of doing everything, do not hesitate and gamble on things you wish to explore. Life is not about chances; it’s about doing what you want, what you need and what you really crave for to happen.

I remembered when I started blogging way back 2011, I was really scared about trying to create a website and blog. I was quite concerned about my age; I am thinking that kiddos may not be able to relate to what I will be sharing about my personal styling. Until after I reached my 24th birthday, I promised to myself that I want to blog and that’s where I am in right now. I may not be as successful as other style bloggers as of the moment but I am contented that I am not missing out something that I really wanted to do.

As I am counting days waiting for my 26th birthday, I have a list of the things that I wanted to do. First, I want to visit Cebu and try Bungee jumping in there. Second, I want to visit El Nido, Palawan (I have never been there). Third, I want to dye my hair blue black. I have to be honest but I have a lot of things that I want to experiment or try on. Right now, I want to enjoy everything and I will make sure that everything on my list will be done on the right time.

What I wore – Sunnies – (Sprinto), Suit – (Main Street), Tee – (Basic House), Belt – (McJim), Pants – (Bench) and Shoes – (Salvatorre Mann).

Photos by Excell Neri Thank you for reading. Bump with you soon! :)

Adidas Body Care.

To whatever sports venue you are currently in, either on the court, concrete, pitch, field and track, Adidas always seize the day. As it constantly improves and reinvents itself, it always finds a way to create a breakthrough in sports technology. As days go by, the brand does not stop its innovation in sportswear but makes its way to create a Body care line.

Presenting its latest revolution in its Body Care Line, it brings out the winning performance in one’s game. By working together with the top of the line athletes, this proves that every specialized body care item will bring out the best game out of you.
Adidas Deo Body Spray.
Adidas Sport Energy Deo Body Spray, the ultimate in absorbent anti-perspirant technology, is your superb defense against sweat. Powered by its unique Cool and Dry formula, adidas Deo Body Spray gives you a maximum absorption and protection that keep you feeling dry up to 72 hours. This will enable you to feel fresh all throughout your activities within the day.

Also available in Ice Dive, Pure Game, Team Force, Ice Effect and Pro-Invisible. Whatever you choose adidas Deo Body Spray gives you that winning edge.
Adidas Deo Roll-On
Adidas Deo Roll-on has the patented Cool and Dry Technology that keeps you protected with the maximum absorption within 72 hours. This will keep you from having bad odor and sweaty underarms. It has Skin Protect Complex that prevents skin irritation – 0% alcohol, pH respect and demo-tested formula.
Adidas Shower Gels
With its unique 3-in-1 effect, adidas Shower Gel for men is the only complete shower gel for Body-Hair-Face. It hydrates your body, conditions your hair and respects the sensitivity of your face. Adidas Ice Effect Shower gel has a pure clean fougere fragrance with Polar Menthol that gives your body a deep, cooling sensation after an intensive workout. Adidas after Sport Shower gel is enriched with extra-protein formula that helps rebalance your skin’s natural hydration. For active men who live on the extreme. This body gel comes in Ice Dive, Pure Game, Team Force and Sport Energy.
Put to the test.
Last March 16, 2014, I am one of the fanatics who were given a chance to try out the Adidas Body Care products. I can say that I am deeply protected, felt dry and energized against heat and sweat as the Run United 1 21K fun run started. As I ended up the race, the unwavering performance of Adidas Body Care Items helped me stay fresh and feeling cool.

So what are you guys waiting for? If you want to experience what we felt when tried the product, why not try it for yourself? Take the challenge and win your game. Grab the latest Adidas Body care products in Watsons, SM Supermarkets, 7-Eleven and other leading department stores nationwide. We’re all in!

Thanks for reading my post, loves. Have an awesome day!