Parachute Convertible Bags, Fashion + Function.

Truth to be told, I am very picky with the things I want to add inside my closet. I am particular with the clothes I am wearing not because of the price but for the comfort it brings whenever I am sporting it. Most especially for the bags, I need something that can be useful for my every day adventures. Something that can look trendy yet beneficial in terms of having a good storage for my jam-packed things. Good thing, I was able to attend an event made possible by Parachute Bags presenting their nifty clever bags.

An event held in Just Thai restaurant in BGC and as hosted by Kathy Kenny Ngo, the brand presented their latest collection with the theme “Fashion + Function”. Not just your ordinary bags, the label came up with a well-engineered gears that focused on its storage or compartments, durability, quality and aesthetics. These specially-crafted luggages can be converted into a different outlook depending on your mood, look and necessity.

Rosanna Wang, owner of Parachute Bags demonstrated the ways on how a single bag can be converted into different looks. She also shared that the reason they used the name “Parachute Bags” was because each piece was made using a parachute’s garment. Although they were still young in the bag-making business, they made sure that each gear was made perfectly in accordance to its superb “Function” which came really “Fashionable”. Checking on the girl’s collection, some bags can be converted into a tote, shoulder bag, lunch bag, sling bag and back pack. On the other hand, some of the men’s bags can be converted into a messenger, belt, laptop, back pack and trolley bags.

Also, they have launched their “Elle Bag Collection”, a women’s product line that gave way to upgrading their normal lunch boxes, pencil cases and other types of bags into something convenient, stylish and high quality.

If you guys are curious about some designs that will definitely match your style, you can check their website at or at and If you want to physically check the bags and want to be walked through on how you can convert these, you may raid your leading Rustan, Robinson, Metro and Gaisano’s dept stores nationwide. As regards to social media, you may follow them on twitter and IG @parachutebags and facebook page, here.

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4 Ways on How to deal with your critics.

Whatever status we have in life, we will always have this people named “bashers”. No matter how large or how little their numbers are, sometimes we are deeply affected with whatever bad or false words they are saying. In my case, although I have a small number of haters as compared to some known style bloggers, it also breaks my heart whenever there is a false gossip being thrown against me. As I move along life, I have learned some basic ways on how we can deal with them no matter how persistent or aggressive they are.

1.Ignore. As one of the Paramore songs goes, “Ignorance is my new bestfriend”. This way of treating your critics will stop them on whatever ways they try to pull you down. Always think that they do not exist, they do not matter and you are above them (in a humbly way). One day, if they figured out that you don’t care then they will stop doing these purposeless things.
2. Read, Listen and Improve. Not because they are not favored on what you are doing, it does not necessarily means that you will not hear them. Sometimes, we have these critics that want to give constructive criticisms which help us grow and improve our weaknesses. This is the healthy way to reflect and reserve a room for our own growth. With these realizations, it will help us be strong and matured to receive whatever low blows they will give.

3. Consider your detractors as your living energy. One of the reasons why your fault-finders are irritated to you, it’s because you are doing well on something they are not good at. Always make them as your inspiration to excel more on the things you love working on. If you will dwell on the negative vibes that they are throwing against you then you will not succeed in the end.
4. Say a word. If things cannot be handled anymore then this is the best moment to speak up. Sometimes, being silent is not really applicable most especially if they are badly harassing you with their aggressiveness. Be right and professional on the choice of words you will be using. After you have explained yourself then take the higher road and never ever stoop down on their lowest level.

What I wore: Sunnies - Sprinto, Buttoned Down - Memo, Ombre Sweater - Bench, Watch - Tomato, Jeggings Pants - Uniqlo and Brogues - Milanos

No matter how many detractors you have, always make time to sort out the words they will say. Some of them are really concerned about you while some of them can state several senseless things that may shatter you. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you know yourself better than them. Do not forget to hold your head up high, be strong and God will lead the way!

Photos by Justin Buenagua

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Adidas Element Refine

This Adidas Element Refine pair is a lightweight and environmentally friendly running shoe designed with an air mesh upper to maximize airflow. It also has an integrated sockliner and flex grooves on the outsole to support the foot’s natural movement. The Element Refine shoes are part of adidas’ sustainability-minded Better Place Program.

Engineered for a comfortable and flexible fit, material splits minimize the amount of material required while strategic placement of the seams and 3-stripe overlay provide the support your foot needs. The upper is cut flat and lock-stitched together, wrapping around the foot for pattern efficiency and durability. Stripping back elements such as the sockliner and strobal board lowers the foot to the ground and increases stability.

The Element Refine is available at various adidas stores and retailers nationwide. Join the conversation with @adidasPH or visit for more information.

Since these pairs are already out, you know what to do, guys! Thanks for reading, have a great day ahead! :D