Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen House.

Together with my Japanese roots, I am accustomed on eating noodles, ramens and alike. It’s one of my favorites aside from rice meals for i found ramen healthier than succumb myself on eating makis, sushis or sashimis. Luckily, I was invited to try Ikkoryu Fukuoka just to give my honest opinion on what are the things that are delicious or not. Generally, I must say that i adored all the dishes’ smell and taste.

Whenever I am visiting a new restaurant, I am always circling around the place and checking all the interior designs. I think my keenness is good because I can easily judge if the diner is giving importance to every detail in their store. Who would love to eat in a disorganized resto, right? As i roam around the place, i just remembered a typical restaurant in Nagoya, maybe plain but very inviting. They also taught me on how to eat a ramen meal. Here’s how (I missed the last step):
1. Smell the food.
2. Scoop a little soup and taste it.
3. Eat the noodles and make a loud sip noise. (I like this part)
4. If you want a more flavorful soup, savor a sesame seed sauce.
5. If there’s a remaining soup, don’t waste it. Mix it with rice and enjoy!

Heading out to food tasting, I started to be excited because I will gobble Ikkoryu’s proud delicacies. Let’s start with appetizers, I tried Edamame, the Japanese counterpart of our local peanuts and Chicken wings. These food may look simple but mind you, once you’ve tasted it, you will forget that you still have a main course to eat.

After trying the appetizers, I started to taste their Ramen. My first on the list was Special Vegetables, unlike other eaters, i am more into vegetables than fruits. I started tasting the soup and heaven was the only word I stated. By the way, when they asked you if the noodles will be thick or thin, always say thick. Why? If you are a slow eater, the noodles will not become saggy even if the soup is already cold.

Next soup that I tried was Ajitama. This soup was more of a protein-rich meal plus the taste was very distinct because of the combination of tender pork and onion leaves.

In addition, I have also tried the Black Garlic soup. I thought it was more of a squid’s ink that made it black but it’s more of onions. It was well mixed, mouth watering in an umami way.

I was really full but I need to move on and gobbled chasu. Unlike the other soups above mentioned, I think the soya was really evident on the soup that made this food better. Also, this meal was beneficial to women with breast cancer tendencies for it will help lower the risk.

Also, this meals served as my side dishes: Gyozas (the herbs were well mixed with the meat), Chicken Fried Rice (best mix with sesame sauce) and Pork Meat with veggies (counterpart of Korean’s dish — i forgot the name, sorry).

If you guys want to visit Ikkoryu Fukuoka. Please head out to these following stores:
Level 5 East Wing, Shangrila Plaza and 2nd floor, SM Aura in BGC. For more inquiries, please be updated with their FB page or call (02) 477 8333.

Thanks for reading my post and have yourself a great day ahead.:)

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