Optimo, the right kind of mix! + Blog Giveaway! (Closed)

Living in a fast-paced world, it is really hard to balance every personal aspect we have like career, hobbies, relationships and aspirations in life. It feels like every day is an adventure that we need to take but how can we get through it maintaining the right kind of mix? Good thing, I have found the healthiest coffee for me — Optimo, 3+3 energy booster coffee mix.

Unlike any other commercial coffee products, Optimo is the only coffee brand that use Suchero coco sap in exchange of artificial and chemically-used sweetener that is of 100% organic and natural. Altogether with Gingko Biloba, Grape Seed and Green Tea, this is the best coffee that will be your “right kind of mix!”

The strong caramel-brew taste enhanced by the Suchero coco sap in Optimo coffee will never lead you to a sugar crash. The sweetener sap feeds your sweet tooth with slow burning properties, making your blood sugar stable for a longer period of time and maintaining a right kind of mix of energy as well. Moreover, Optimo is the best coffee for the health-conscious individuals.

Additional health benefits in the Optimo 3+3 coffee mix are the 3 herbs above mentioned. First, the Gingko Biloba herb knows as the “mind and memory” extract that improves performances and mood. Second, green tea which serves as the anti-oxidant property and help increase one’s metabolism. Third, the grape seed herb known as the “beauty extract” with a concentrated amounts of Vitamin E that helps repair collagen and protects our skin from the sun. With these best products all combined together, I think it is really our right kind of mix!

So what are you guys waiting for? Get your right kind of mix coffee, Optimo and start your day right! You can find Optimo’s 3+3 Coffee mix at any of the following establishments: Makati Supermarket, Walter Mart, Uni Mart, Landmark, Shopwise, Rustan’s Supermarket, Puregold and Mini-stop. Buy now!

Hey fellas, are you ready to win 1k worth of GC from Forever 21 + 8 boxes of Optimo coffee? Here is the mechanics:
1. Like Optimo and The Style Show facebook page.
2. Follow @seftiburcio and @optimocoffee for both Instagram and twitter.
3. Take a snapshot of combination of accessories that you think is the right mix of accessories for you.
4. Post the photo through your facebook or twitter or IG page with a hashtag #TheRightMix. Together with the hashtag, just tag @seftiburcio and @optimocoffee to make your entry valid.
5. Ex: “These blue accessories are #TheRightMix for me, @optimocoffee and @seftiburcio. You can win too on seftiburcio.com! 6. After doing all that stuff, kindly make a disqus comment with your full name and email on it. Good luck and Join now!
Deadline of entries will be on October 20, 2013 and the winner will be announced on October 28, 2013 by Optimo. So make it as creative as possible. I will be part of the judging too. Send your entries now and God bless! :)

Congratulations to Khristel Anne Vital for winning my first forever 21 1k GC X Optimo. Please send me a PM regarding your contact details and street address. :)
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